Our Home Part I

After living in a 2 bedroom 1 bath apartment for a year we began our search for a house in the summer of 2015.  At that point the housing market was on the upswing but it was still possible to find a steal. And a steal is what we found :-0Screenshot_20170613-202402

We had been looking for about three weeks and were mostly finding houses that needed every surface retouched, had old windows, and the original furnace and A/C.  We weren’t avoiding a fixer upper but didn’t want to get stuck with a house that needed $20K in repairs in the foreseeable future.

On a rainy Tuesday morning we saw the house, it is in one of the best established neighborhood in the town, with the best elementary school actually in the neighborhood. After walking in and seeing the living room with the tall vaulted sealing I was pretty certain this would be our home.  The deal was sealed after seeing the 4th bedroom that would serve as Luke’s office and finding the small room in the basement perfect for my craft room. Screenshot_20170613-202437

We moved into our house in August of 2015. We moved in 1 week before school started and that was just enough time to get our stuff in and somewhat functional. The whole house had just been recently painted, there were already really nice blinds on most of the windows, and there was not any major projects that we needed to tackle. In fact for the 1st month the only think we did was add curtains to the dinning room window and make roman shades for the kitchen windows.

After about two months we finally started hanging things on the wall and making the house person to our taste and giving everything a personal touch. This gallery wall was the first area I stared to hangs thing on and still love it!!(Ignore my empty vases I just took out the nautical decor)20170708_130658I really want things in my home to have a function and serve a purpose, it took a while to figure out exactly what we needed.  This is exactly what happened with the secretary desk, I realized I needed a place for bills and mail. And the nook right behind the couch the was the perfect place. I found this piece on Craig’s list20170708_130652

I typically get a vision in my head of what I want and wait till I find exactly what I want.  Sometimes it will take a year before I find exactly what I need or figure out what I want.  This is exactly what happened with the living room shelf’s. Right now I LOVE our Living room- the only thing I want to change is the cords around the TV I still cant figure out how to solve that particular problem.  Until next time- Home Part II- Dinning and basement, Home Part III-Bedroom’s, and Home Part IV-office and craft room. 20170708_13075520170708_13080120170708_130721


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