Costa Rica here we come!!!!

Hi Y’all, I sorta hate to tell you all this especially for those stuck in the Mid-west heat and humidity but we are headed to Costa Rice for a WEEK!!!!!  costa-rica

Back in January, we purchased a Groupon for 5 nights stay at Vista de Olas in Mal Pais de CobanoPuntarenas.  We will be flying into San Jose then take a small plane to Tambor. It’s only a 30 minute flight but would take 5-6 hours by car with the mountainous terrain.images (4)

Two years ago, on our honeymoon, we vacationed in an all-inclusive resort in the Bahamas. It was a great trip but because of  the area we were in we couldn’t really explore or enjoy the local culture. Honestly, it was a very boozy trip because that was all there was to do. We wanted this trip to be different, an adventure. The resort we are staying at includes breakfast but that’s it. We will actually get to go do different places to dinner, take a taxi to town of $6-10 and explore!!


The Villa we requested to stay in

With the “deal” we get an ATV tour of Montazuma Waterfalls and get to pick one of the following activities for free:

  • Zip-lining
  • Surf Lessons
  • Hours-back riding on the beach

Right now we are thinking Zip-lining and Luke might just do the surf lessons solo (I’m a bit fearful of deep ocean water).

There is also an option for a couples message that we would love to do if it’s outside in a bungalow, not just a regular massage that we could get at home. Both Luke and I are having shoulder and upper back tension from Crossfit, kayaking, archery, and a pull up program we’re doing, (All of which can leave you with some tight muscles in hard to reach places.)


Beyond that, we are just going to take the vacation as it comes. We may have a lazy afternoon, but we really want to make this an active vacation. I would love to put my Chaco’s to the test and do some hiking and swimming. I may have told Luke I NEEDED my Chaco’s for when we went to Costa Rica and I don’t want to be made a liar. Plus, I want my Chacos tan to be even better!! (Ignore my unpainted nails- I still can’t decide what I want on them for vacay).

Prior to going home, we are going to spend one night and a good part of the day in San Jose. We were not planning on booking a hotel ahead of time, instead hoping to wing it and see what we ran into, but I found a great deal at Hotel Aranjuez. We may try to find a guided night tour,  go to a nice restaurant, explore some museums. The possibilities are endless, the world is our oyster, and we really just excited to explore.

Hopefully we will end tonight with this viewc700x420


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