Fitness Friday

For the holiday week, we spent a lot of time with family and less time in the gym. Over the holiday weekend, we got out on the lake with our kayaks, we shot our bows with Levi and Lacey at my parent’s house and hung out in their pool.

So the first post for Fitness Friday is a little light. The next Fitness Friday posts we will take progress photos, we’ll talk about some of the exercises we did over the week. I will have pictures and results from some recreation leagues I’m in. I’m playing sand volleyball and flag football with KC Crew. Hopefully, this will be a post every week that will show our progress and keep us motivated.


Since we don’t have a lot to say about this week, this will be a little intro to our experience with Crossfit. Starting Wednesday, we got going at Crossfit Cerberus again. We’ve been doing Crossfit since the beginning of the year. It started out as a New Year’s resolution, but we’ve stuck with it for seven months.


I started at Crossfit Cerberus with their “New You Challenge,” which consisted of six weeks of classes and instruction to learn the basics of Crossfit movements, nutrition, and exercise in general.


When I got signed up, Lauren got psyched up to try Crossfit too, but we couldn’t afford for both of us to do the “New You Challenge,” and Lauren wanted to do something that she could dive right into. So she signed up for another gym near us, Crossfit Fig.

My experience at Crossfit Cerberus was really good, if a little slow at first. Each class consisted of a lot of valuable information, but it took awhile before I felt like I was really in it. I have been athletic my whole life, but I rarely lifted weights, and since finishing basic and AIT I had been putting on weight. So it was really cool to learn how to lift and gain confidence that I could be strong.


At Crossfit Fig, Lauren had a consultation with one of the coaches and then joined the regular class right away. She got a similar feeling from her classes as I did in mine. She felt stronger and more confident. She really liked the coaches, they all had great personalities and were knowledgeable.

After I finished the “New You Challenge” we decided I would join her at Crossfit Fig. I had good experiences overall. However, I started to have some issues. Both Lauren and I are new to lifting weights, and Crossfit Fig seemed to be more for people who knew what they were doing. We got corrections on form, but there wasn’t as much of the instruction before the exercise so that we felt confident in our abilities.


Lauren was most affected by this inexperience. She injured her back and wrist early on, which is not uncommon with Crossfit. Her coaches told her that accommodations could be made, but it was always her having to ask them. They never went to her with a workout and explained how she should do things differently. It’s a small thing, but something that left her feeling like she was being pushed to do things she wasn’t comfortable with.

While I was there, I had similar experiences with a couple movements that I was unfamiliar with and hesitant to try, kipping pull-ups and handstand push-ups. With both, I appreciated the initial enthusiasm but felt pressured to push too far beyond where I was comfortable.

images (2)

After a month, I convinced Lauren to switch with me to Crossfit Cerberus. Their rates were a little more expensive than Crossfit Fig, but we are much more comfortable at Crossfit Cerberus. All of the coaches, especially the owner Carl, are very kind and knowledgeable. They break down each movement so that everyone in the class knows what they are supposed to do. They also incorporate some gymnastic movements, which has been a lot of fun to try.

Crossfit Fig is a great place with great people. If you know what you are doing and want a more competitive minded gym, it might be perfect for you. For us we needed a more instruction minded place. We’ve been at Cerberus since the beginning of May, and are both really happy with the gym. We’re seeing results, feeling more energized, and excited to continue working on our fitness.



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