Outdoor Space

So our back patio is in dire need of a makeover…… We use the patio however we don’t want to go hang out on the patio unless its a super nice day or it we are using the fire pit at night.  What I really want is something prettier that will make me want to go outside and hang out. Below are some of the inspirations photos that I would like to mimic.

Notice that I show the pretty photos before the photos of our actual space? Like I said before it’s not the worst, but it’s diffidently not the best.

I really hope to keep the cost super low for this projects. After buying the kayaks, paying for everything for Costa Rica, anticipating 6 months of car insurance due in about a month, and coupled with hosting a Bridal shower and Bachelor party we need to do this on the cheap!

So here’s what I’m thinking we need…….

2 full-size pallets                                                    $Free
Bright paint                                                            $Free
4-6 post (material TBD)                                        $40 est.
4-6 cute buckets/planters                                     $60 est.
Quickcrete                                                              $3.50
Lights                                                                      $40-50

Estimated total= $143.50-153.50


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